Our Rooms & Garden

In our babies’ room – “Sunbeams” – our priority is to follow the home routine of each child as closely as possible. This helps our children to develop a feeling of homeliness and familiarity as a precursor to learning, further stimulation and development. We have a minimum staff ratio of one staff member to three children, which enables staff to develop very close bonds with our children. We have a bright but calming play area with plenty of natural light, sensory resources which support children’s physical, sensory and creative development, and a quiet and secure sleeping area. We encourage parents and families to make links between home and nursery to help children to develop language around their experiences.

Parents are required to supply nappies and milk to ensure continuity between home and kindergarten for all babies. We are breast feeding friendly and will support mothers returning to work who still wish to breast feed. Our staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day where possible.

Our Rainbows Room cares for our 2-3 year old children. We have an extensive range of natural items, creative resources, quality toys and developmentally appropriate activities and experiences are provided for the continuing development of your child. Children in the Rainbows Room are supervised at a minimum of one staff member member to every five children, which allows a variety of individual and group interactions between children and our Early Educators.

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten operate in partnership with Stirling Council to offer funded Early Childcare and Education places. In our Bumblebees Room, children will follow the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Early Stage where staff nurture children on a ratio of one staff member to every eight children. Through CfE we are ensuring that all children and young people are achieving their full potential. We work to achieve this through activities such as mind mapping and by running children’s meetings where staff sit with the children and openly discuss what they want to learn about. From these discussions staff plan activities to further our children’s learning. When children leave the nursery to move on to school we aim for them to do so confidently and independently, with an enjoyment of wonder about the world and a pride in their achievements.

Our Out of School Club is open all year round before & after school and during school holidays. Children are currently escorted by our staff to and from St Mary’s, Newton & Dunblane Primary Schools. Transport is provided via staff-escorted taxi, staff cars (where full insurance is in place, as well as car seats) or walking escorted by Dunblane Nature Kindergarten staff. During term time we provide a nutritious and healthy snack on arrival back from school in the afternoon.

At our Holiday Club a range of activities are available from table top play (including map making and board games) to outside play as well as a homework and reading area. The club provides a wide range of activities including trips and visits from guests – these are all planned in consultation with the children. In the school holidays a choice of a hot lunch is also offered to the children.