Hundreds of families trust Dunblane Nature Kindergarten every year to look after their children. We are privileged to be a part of every child’s growth and development into confident, unique individuals ready to start their new journey at School.

Have a peek at what our parents say ……..

“Positive changes to the nursery under new management.  The children have lots of time outdoors and are often taken on local walks to parks and looking for wildlife.  The children are involved in their learning and have choices using the big learning journals.  My children have fun and enjoy their time here.”

“Our daughter has settled into the Out of School Club very well and I think the settling in sessions worked very well to get her used to the club and staff.  She enjoys her time at the OOSC and my husband and I are delighted with the care she receives.  Staff are helpful and always give me a report of how she has been and what she has eaten.  The out of term time “holiday clubs” have been great and really useful to us working parents.  I know that she will do a variety of activities and go on trips which she very much enjoys.
Our son was more challenging to settle.  I think this is largely due to his age and the fact that nursery was a new experience for him, but recently and I have found he has responded to having Mhairi as his key worker positively.  During settling in I feel the staff guided me through this well and gave me advice on how long to leave him, how many sessions he would need etc.  He enjoys the outdoor play and the trips to the river and woods.  I certainly feel he has come on developmentally in leaps and bounds since starting nursery.
We are really happy with our children’s care at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten.  I like that parents are welcome to have informal catchups with the staff during pick up and drop off times.  I never feel rushed when asking about their day or requesting more info about how they are getting on.”

“Dunblane nature kindergarten has seen some wonderful changes under the new management.  The revamped outdoor ethos is really good.  The staff seem really motivated and enthusiastic about the new way the nursery s running.  The children are really involved and get a good amount of time outdoors.  It’s interesting to see how questions that the children ask are taken and used as further learning opportunities”

“I found the idea of leaving my children all day a daunting one, but the staff at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten have made the process so easy.  My child is thoroughly settled and loves the days they are in.”

“My daughter has been at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten about four weeks now.  We were very nervous about her switching nurseries because she hadn’t settled well at her first place and wasn’t talking to anyone there.  She didn’t talk during her first few settle in sessions at Dunblane either but seemed a lot more at home from the start.  When I came to pick her up last week, I walked in to her happily chatting away to Linda (one of the Early Years Educators)!  We’re both so relieved and happy to see her feel so comfortable here and she actually talks lots about the people at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten and how much she likes it.  We can tell that she feels safe and supported and that it’s been a huge boost to her confidence.  We couldn’t be happier!”
“THRILLED to see the kids outside today getting muddy and having a good time–Your teachers never need apologize to me for my kids or their clothes being wet and muddy!! That’s what nursery is all about –and why I chose DNK!”

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Here at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten we strive to continue to adapt and improve our services. As a parent if there is something you would like from our kindergarten, tell us about it!  We welcome new ideas and suggestions and would always strive to meet the needs of our parents and children!