Our Surroundings

Our location

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten is situated in the beautiful town of Dunblane at the top of the historic Ramoyle which leads down to the Cathedral. We have easy links to the motorway network, excellent parking for drop off and collection and we are only a short walk from the local train station.

Our outdoors space

The two buildings that make up Dunblane Nature Kindergarten are surrounded by our highly engaging and challenging garden area. Our garden design was created through consultation with children, parents and staff to encompass a community project.

Climbing and Exploring

When you come to visit, you will find a haven for children to have fun whilst learning. The under footing will compromise of a mixture of turf, wood chip and stone, the various materials chosen to promote the development of child core stability, which in turn develops the balance from within the inner ear. These materials were also chosen for children to work with as a “loose part”, enhancing the children’s learning experiences as they pick and choose what materials to work with. Complementing the garden is our newly built kinder kitchen, sand round house, fire/story telling area and a new addition will be our water-run.

The kinder kitchen facility is used in all weathers, coming into its own for children and staff to seek shelter during the coldest and wettest or hottest of days, either out of the biting wind and rain, or, as a place to relax in out of the suns gaze. The kinder kitchen is an extension of our indoor space as many of the traditional indoor learning will be facilitated here. The water run is a future planned development, to be situated at the front of the main building. This feature will be put in place for children to gain a connection and fascination with water, be it from rain water or from gathering water and transporting it from our outside tap. Investigating slope and gradient, displacement, evaporation, water cycle and learning to respect the value that water has in supporting life.

Our sand round house, situated between the two main buildings in our setting is designed to offer children a shelter from the elements and a welcoming place to investigate and discover the awe and wonder of mud and sand. The fire/story telling area, situated between the two main buildings in our setting, is a place to warm yourself from on the coldest days, gather around and share stories and songs, cook on, create from or just to sit and gaze into the many wonderful reds, yellows, blues and greens that dance around. Beside the front building is our fascinating tree, a protected species, which is a wonderful source of stories, imaginative play and tree-climbing through the complex and weaving canopy surrounding it.

Our local area

Dunblane is a varied environment encompassing both urban and natural elements and we are very fortunate to be located at the top of the Ramoyle. We see Dunblane community as an extension of our nursery – groups of children are found exploring streams, building dams, climbing trees, attempting fishing, planting trees and observing wildlife, growth and changes around us. This is all intrinsic to the experience that we provide for children.


We are often visited not only by prospective families but also by visitors from other nurseries and Early Year’s organisations, from as far afield as Norway, Australia and Lithuania.