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We’ve extended our special offer of £50 off your first month’s fees at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten – sign up before 31st May 2017 to make the most of this deal! Give us a call on 01786 821 950 to find out more!

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A very big Thank You to everyone who has submitted a review of our nursery on daynurseries.co.uk. We are so proud of our latest review score of 9.6! This high score is a wonderful reflection of the efforts made by our staff and parents to make Dunblane Nature Kindergarten a special place for our little ones. Keep the feedback coming! To read see our reviews or submit your own review, click here. 

Options to Pay Your Nursery Fees

As we have introduced alternative ways for parents to pay fees, we have seen a decline in the use of the payment Hotline, such that we will cease this method of collection from 31st October 2016. We will continue to accept all other methods of payment including; Childcare Vouchers, Direct debit, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Online Payments and in person, by Card, within the nursery. The alternative methods of collecting payments available will ensure that we continue to provide secure and flexible options to parents, 24 hours a day, if required.

If you have any queries regarding your invoice or any questions relating to your fees, please speak to your Nursery Manager who will be happy to clarify. When calling the nursery select option 1 to go straight through to your Manager.


Lovely Feedback from a parent!

Lovely feedback from one of our recent nursery visits…..

I’m not sure how today’s visit went from your perspective as a first visit, but from ours it was amazing!!!!!

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate how you set up the room and the thoughtful responses to Aidan as he came in and got to know the place.  Rachel was brilliant with him as were all the staff and he was enthralled by everything!

Him talking the way he did blew our minds!  I have never seen him do that instantly with new people and certainly none of the professionals involved have seen anything like it – they are going to be amazed.

When he went into the garden to make sparks with flints and blow on the fire, he was spellbound.  One of the wee boys was showing him what to do, I went for a wander and when I came back Aidan had walked over to the wee boy, he was looking at him trying to catch his eye and saying an approximation of “spark” (he’s never heard that word before today) and was gesturing to try to get the wee boy to show him the sparks again.

I have not seen him try to initiate contact with other wee people he does not know very often at all, Aidan was showing some skills here,  trying to catch his eye with verbal and gestures – it is amazing to me!

Alan and I are absolutely confident that Aidan will settle and thrive in your environment.  The conversation I had with you was thoughtful and intelligent, we are certain that even if the move unsettles him initially that you and your staff team will be completely equipped to minimise this and to be honest my instinct is that he will be too excited about what is happening to be upset for long.

So to proceed, we are very confidently going to take your offer of a place for him.  All our fears about moving him are gone.

Mrs H.


Winter Newsletter 2016 – Dunblane Nature Kindergarten

Take a read of our Winter Nursery Newsletter below!

A belated welcome back at the start of 2016 – on behalf of the whole team I want to wish all our families a happy new year and I hope it is a special one.

Download a PDF version here!

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Holidays activity program: 8th-12th February 2016

Below is a sample of what is on offer for our holiday program. Some activities may run longer or even shorter than timetabled, this being due to the fascinations and levels of engagement of our children. As this holiday camp is based upon the philosophy of child-led experiences, children will engage regularly in discussions in relation to what they would like to engage in from day to day, with the guidance of staff to offer children what possibilities are on offer at D.N.K. through the reflection of our holiday camp floor books. Trips are on fixed days due to the requirement to organise staffing and transport.

Dunblane Nursery Activities