Nursery Activities and Children’s Experiences

At Dunblane Nature Kindergarten & Out of School Club, we believe in identifying and building upon children’s natural questioning and curiosity.  The learning experiences that we provide do not stick to a set formula repeated year after year but involve a close interlinking between children’s ideas and experiences, the natural flow and routine of the seasons and the skilful support and nurturing of trained early years educators. Nurturing is the key; our team values and encourages the individuality, needs and engagement of each child.

Two by Two we go discovering

Two by two we go discovering

Learning is recorded both as a group in our floor-books, which are ideal vehicles for parents and children to share and discuss their learning, and also through children’s private online profiles – Learning Journals.

We provide experiences following the Curriculum for Excellence (3-5’s) and Pre-Birth to Three Guidance (up to age 3). Literacy, numeracy and health and well-being are promoted through children initiating and leading their own play-based investigations. Children are supported by early educators who identify ways to develop children’s ideas to ensure breadth, depth and coherence in their learning. Whilst the Out of School Club children do not follow a set curriculum, they are supported by a skilled team who identify their play needs and choices and offer a range of opportunities for play, learning and interaction.

Observing nature’s art!

Observing nature’s art!

In addition to these natural learning and play experiences, we offer something a bit different at Dunblane Nature Kindergarten.  We believe in providing to children to ensure that they are motivated and stimulated but also to promote their own safety and ability to assess risks for themselves, with adult guidance as required.