Healthy Meals and Snacks (included in the fees)

Our meals are prepared and made by our qualified and experienced on-site Nursery Chefs, who have created menus following the current guidelines from NHS Health Scotland Setting the Table. We encourage our children to taste and enjoy a variety of mouth watering meals as well as help set the table and serve their own food. We have a flexible approach and are happy to cater for a whole range of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and weaning foods.

*Information on the allergens within the foods we serve is available directly from the team-leaders, management and chef within the nursery on request. 

Autumn/Winter Menu Week 1

Tomato pesto pasta or Wholemeal tuna & cucumber rollSalmon & pea risotto or Egg sandwich with cucumber sticks Cottage pie with fresh carrots or Seasonal Vegetable soup with cheesy breadHaddock in cheese sauce with broccoli or Leek & potato soup with crusty breadWraps with chicken & roasted red pepper couscous or Vegetable bake
Natural Yoghurt and fruitPoached pearsFruit JellyMini fruit muffinSeasonal fruit salad

Week 2

Lemon baked fish parcels with mixed veg or Wholemeal cheese salad rollShepherd's pie with roast parsnips or Minestrone soup with garlic breadMacaroni cheese or Baked potato with tuna & sweetcornCauliflower & broccoli bake or Ham & tomato sandwichFish pie with peas or Tomato soup with crusty bread
Pancakes with fruit & honeyStewed apples & custardNatural yogurt with fruitChocolate mousseCreme caramel

Week 3

Vegetable pasta bake or Wholemeal ham & tomato rollChicken & broccoli pie with seasonal cabbage or Carrot & coriander soup with crusty breadTuna & sweetcorn pasta or Roasted vegetable filled pitta breadHomemade margarita pizza slice or Vegetable noodlesPrawn linguine or Seasonal vegetable soup with cheesy bread
Natural yogurt with fruitFruit compote and custardMilky strawberry jellySeasonal fruit saladApple & cinnamon crumble