Lovely Feedback from a parent!

Lovely feedback from one of our recent nursery visits…..

I’m not sure how today’s visit went from your perspective as a first visit, but from ours it was amazing!!!!!

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate how you set up the room and the thoughtful responses to Aidan as he came in and got to know the place.  Rachel was brilliant with him as were all the staff and he was enthralled by everything!

Him talking the way he did blew our minds!  I have never seen him do that instantly with new people and certainly none of the professionals involved have seen anything like it – they are going to be amazed.

When he went into the garden to make sparks with flints and blow on the fire, he was spellbound.  One of the wee boys was showing him what to do, I went for a wander and when I came back Aidan had walked over to the wee boy, he was looking at him trying to catch his eye and saying an approximation of “spark” (he’s never heard that word before today) and was gesturing to try to get the wee boy to show him the sparks again.

I have not seen him try to initiate contact with other wee people he does not know very often at all, Aidan was showing some skills here,  trying to catch his eye with verbal and gestures – it is amazing to me!

Alan and I are absolutely confident that Aidan will settle and thrive in your environment.  The conversation I had with you was thoughtful and intelligent, we are certain that even if the move unsettles him initially that you and your staff team will be completely equipped to minimise this and to be honest my instinct is that he will be too excited about what is happening to be upset for long.

So to proceed, we are very confidently going to take your offer of a place for him.  All our fears about moving him are gone.

Mrs H.


Winter Newsletter 2016 – Dunblane Nature Kindergarten

Take a read of our Winter Nursery Newsletter below!

A belated welcome back at the start of 2016 – on behalf of the whole team I want to wish all our families a happy new year and I hope it is a special one.

Download a PDF version here!

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Nursery Newsletter

Dunblane Nature Kindergarten Australia Visit!

Natural selection

When a group of early years professionals from Australia visited Scotland to find out more about advances in nature-based education one of their main stop-off points was Dunblane Nature Kindergarten.

Over the last two years the kindergarten has been transformed from a traditional indoor-based nursery to one where there’s a balance of indoor, outdoor and community based practice.

Steven White, project manager at Dunblane, said: “The trip was organised by a former colleague, Nicky Buchan, who moved to Australia several years ago and has been promoting visits to the UK to showcase examples of best practice and outdoor learning approaches.

“Our kindergarten has been undergoing some significant changes over the past two years. The Australian visitors came to see how that transition took place, and talk to staff about the process. They spent a day observing our practice and there followed an evening training session, led by Nicky. We’d also invited along Juliet Robertson, a leading consultant in outdoor education with both early years and primary school.”


Kara Doonan of the Care Inspectorate attended the evening session and she said: “It proved a great way of sharing experience and practice, and allowed the work that’s been done by the staff at Dunblane to be recognised by fellow professionals.”

Steven said the key factor that emerged was the distinctive approach of staff, which emphasises the application of child-led practice. “At Dunblane Nature Kindergarten our focus is on creating an environment where everyone is excited, enthused and motivated.”

Notably, what also became clear during discussions was Scotland’s pioneering role in the area of nature-based education. According to Steven there are many establishments engaging in outdoor risky play in this part of the world, and many more exploring ways of implementing it in their practice.

He said: “There is a great deal of interest in outdoor education in Australia, but they are at the stage of translating intent into practice. We were delighted to illustrate how that’s been achieved in Dunblane.”


Splashes of fun in the local stream

Splashes of fun in the local stream

Climbing and Exploring


Read about Creative STAR Learning’s visit to our nursery!

In October we welcomed a visit to our nursery from Juliet Robertson, Early Years consultant, from Creative STAR Learning and Early years consultants from Inspired EC in Australia!

Juliet has written a brilliant review of her visit, give it a read here:


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